I'm a freelance graphic designer with lots of passion for what I do. Learn about about my background and expertise in the design field. View my client portfolio to see my design skills and versatility. Follow links to selected case studies and examples of recent projects.
When it comes to developing and designing websites, my goal is to deliver the most cost-effective, intelligent Web solution to clients, complete with interactive content and e-commerce capabilities. Each new site evolves by carefully considering its purpose, target audience and content.
I offer a basic hosting plan for $60 a year that will serve all your needs whether you have a new online presence or have been around for years.
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Graphic Design and Web Design Services

I’m a freelance graphic designer with lots passion for what I do.

graphic design laura peragalloMy name is Laura Peragallo and I help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow through better design. My skills, expertise, and experience will benefit you whether you are interested a new website or a redesign of your current site. I design logos and promotional materials that truly reflect your business.

My clients are very important to me. Where would I be without them? (Spending a lot more time looking a cat videos probably.) Every project is treated as a priority, as the most important—because it is! I am very attentive to my clients’ needs, I pride myself on my responsiveness.

If you could ask my clients about me they would tell you that…

  • I’m friendly! Developing close-working relationships with all my clients is what I strive for. Some of the client/designer relationships have lasted for years. Often, I’ve become friends with my clients.
  • I’m fast! My turn around time is quick as lightening. I’m used to working on tight deadlines.
  • I’ve got skills! Years of experience in the graphic design field, expertise with programs, honing and expanding my skills have all fueled my passion for graphic design.

Hire me and you’ll wonder how you were so fortunate to find me and my graphic design skills. My clients never feel like they get less than 100% from me. You’ll feel the same way.

Want to hear more? Since you can’t ask them directly, look below or read their full testimonials to see what they have to say for yourself.  You’ll see how I can help you and your business expand and reach your target audience.

Meeting and working with Laura Peragallo was the answer to my prayers. Within one hour of consulting via phone she "got" me. She came up with an amazing design that was beautiful and unique and represented my vision.
It Feels Good To Be Me! is not only the title of our book but the feeling you get when you visit our website created by Laura. Laura embodies many of the qualities of a professional designer who strives to understand her client and their needs.
There are many "web designers" out there, but only few possess the knowledge and expertise of this seasoned designer. I know this, and have trusted her mastery and proficiency on my very own site.
Knowing the importance of my decision, I spent weeks researching and interviewing designers. I ultimately settled on Laura because of her talent, professionalism, knowledge and passion… and I couldn’t be more satisfied!
...the guidance and direction in coming up with a SEO plan for the site has helped me maintain a high ranking in the search engines, helping my customers find me.
It has been such a pleasure to work with Laura for the past four years! I would highly recommend her, as she has been able to create so many vital marketing tools for us, which have all been tremendously successful and effective.
(Laura) was competent and at the same time personable, friendly, and extremely informed making the process easy to navigate.
(Laura) was able to work with my existing site and clean it up to look professional and polished. The finished product is clean, easy to navigate and just as I imagined it
─ Kathryn Basso, Owner Karmic Alchemy
Working with Laura as my web consultant has made my life incredibly easy. She’s a professional, with creative ideas and insights and has assisted me in creating a website I absolutely love, as do my clients!
I am so pleased with both of the websites you designed for my companies. Working with you is effortless; your speedy turnaround on my projects always leaves me amazed! It is my joy to work with such a patient, conscientious, reliable web designer.

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Website and logo design
Sometimes a client needs a different level of expertise and/or skills to take their project forward. When Maria came to me, she had recently had moved her website to a new hosting service which also provided a design feature. Unfortunately, due to a "technical limitation" she found that her new service wasn't giving her site the functionality she needed. I knew I could give Maria the functionality she needed and a great looking site as well. After some discussion it was decided that she would leave her current hosting and website provider. I would host her site and create a new design on a WordPress platform. The result was that Maria had the functionality she needed along with a new logo and website she loved. Her revitalized branding unified her website and business cards.
Promotional Website for Fearless Freedom
The website for promotion of the book "Fearless Freedom: Becoming Soulfire" was designed as a one-page website. The one-page site includes book excerpts, reviews, events and a promotional video.
Website Design
A new website and logo design for a Long Island-based Medical Aesthetician. After an initial meeting with the client to understand what she was looking for, a logo and color palette was created. The website design and content was developed to give the client a professional online presence.
E-Commerce Website Design
This was a website redesign project for Karmic Alchemy. The client was looking for an e-commerce solution that would give her an online store as well as the ability to take orders at events. Am e-commerce solution was developed that organized her inventory and handled all her transactions. The design implemented was clean and simple.
Online Gallery for Michael Braceland
This website design project was to provide an online gallery for wood artist Michael Braceland.
Website Design for LI-based Beekeeper
South Bay Apiaries was looking to update their website to include all their services and products. Their former site was not well-organized and lacked visual impact. The new site was built with WordPress. New photos were added and the content was refreshed. The color palette was inspired by the honeycomb created by the bees. The site is clean and modern looking.
Website design for Brooklyn-based woodworker Alexander Barreto.
Website project for a woodworker that specializes in custom-made furniture, restorations and built-ins. The client had two websites that they wanted to combine, uniting the custom furniture making and the storage and closet projects.
Non-profit website design
From One Mother to Another is a Long Island-based non-profit organization that provides donated baskets with newborn essentials to mothers in need. Having only a Facebook page, the organization need to expand its presence. In planning the website, I recommended a FAQ page to answer common questions about making donations. The site also provides information about the organization and accepts donations. A bright color scheme was chosen. Plugins for Facebook and Instagram encourage social sharing.
Yoga Instruction Website Redesign
After three years with the same design, it was time for an update. A new logo and great photos provided inspiration for a clean, modern site with more white space. Content-heavy pages were organized into sub-pages making the information more readable. The recently launched site is responsive, giving visitors the full experience of the website across all devices. The homepage slider was simplified with few images that link to pages within the site as calls to action. A pop-up encourages visitors to signup for a newsletter.
New website design for Acupuncture services.
When developing a new website, it’s important to understand the goal of the site and the target audience. This site was created for an acupuncturist who wanted to promote his alternative wellness services. I started with a earth tone color scheme and eye-catching images. Employing full-width images make it a modern and professional looking website. The end result is responsive website with everything the client wanted to convey. When viewed on a mobile phone, a call button allows for an immediate way to contact BAH Acupuncture.
Website redesign for a spiritual wellness practitioner.
The owner was looking to update a site she had built herself a few years ago. She had outgrown the former site and was interested in a redesign. She also wanted a site that she could update. I suggested WordPress to provide a content management system (CMS), which give her that ability. My goal was to simplify the design elements, organize the information, and create a cohesive design. She had wonderful quotes on the site that were getting lost. Using a slider and great images, the quotes now are much more prominent and visually engaging. The site is responsive and mobile friendly as well.
Website design for Intuition NY.
The design of this site is a customized WordPress theme. The client wanted a very clean and modern design using a gold and white color scheme. Recently, a full-width slider was added to the homepage. The site incorporates a light box feature for its inspirational messages. An e-commerce component has been added allowing online payments.
Website design for Spiritual Healer, Pat Longo
This project was a website redesign for Pat Longo, a spiritual healer based on Long Island. The former site was running WordPress and after discussing the client's need to regularly update the site, I recommended the new site be a customized theme for the WordPress platform. The color scheme was updated, new images and inspirational quotes were incorporated on the homepage. Social media and event calendar plugins were implemented as well.
Custom website for SPark Workshop Brooklyn.
A custom website built for a cooperative artist and maker space that also offers a woodworking shop, private and semi-private studios, and classroom space located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The logo and the website were designed to have an industrial feel. The site has built-in SEO considerations which enables the site to rank on the first page of result for searches on studio space in Brooklyn.
Website with e-commerce for SicChic Fightwear.
This site was created for a business that produces a line of MMA fight wear for women that has recently expanded to also include men. The client was looking for an edgy, bold design that would appeal to the target audience of women that practice martial arts style training and fighting, but not be overly feminine to discourage men from going to the site. The site also highlights the client's dedication to charity and giving back. Built-in SEO elements have helped the site rank on the first page of Google six months after its initial launch. AddThis buttons have been included to encourage social sharing. A companion store that features the fight wear was developed and is now online at shop.sicchic.com.
Redesign of LI preschool website
This site for a Montessori preschool is a great example of why it's vital to the success of your business to update your website. The former site looked dated even though it had been designed only two years ago. For the redesign, I knew it was important to include strong SEO elements and have meaningful monthly updates. My approach was to make a site that would be visually appealing to parents and provide an online tour of the preschool. I didn't want to overload the site with childish imagery as I have seen on other preschool sites. Instead, I took a more subtle approach by including small crayon drawings, bright colors, lots of white space and photos that featured children engaged in activities typical of the Montessori classroom environment. Quotes from Dr. Maria Montessori are featured prominently within the layout.
Website and promotional materials.
This site was created to compliment the existing Montessori Children Preschool site as well as stand on its own as a separate site highlighting their summer camp program for children. The color scheme is more vivid but design elements echo the main Montessori Preschool website. The site has a user-friendly layout that gives parents vital information about the program in an easy-to-read manner. The site features warm colors, playful fonts, vibrant images, and has built-in SEO. The school's location and contact information are prominent on the homepage as well as the other websites for Montessori Children. Online registration for the summer program is handled easily through a form.
Promotional materials designed for Butter Beans.
What started as a set of food illustrations created for use on food labels and menus, eventually expanded to creating table-top displays, recipe cards, flyers, and other promotional materials. Postcards were created to spread the word about their summer camp program. Seasonable vegetables were used as the main image for the front of recipe postcards reflecting the time of year. The food images were hand drawn and then finalized using Illustrator.
Website for personal trainers.
This custom-built site was created for Long Island-based personal trainers Keith and Stacey Boos to promote their business. Having recently moved locations, they were interested in featuring photos of their new facility which was handled by creating a slide show element on the homepage. Other photos used throughout the site include training sessions and client "before and after" photos. Contact, location, and services are easy to find.
Website for chiropractic group.
A website redesign project for a chiropractic practice based in Brooklyn. Focus was placed on providing visitors with essential information regarding hours, location and contact info is a simple and clear manner. The site was expanded to three pages from the former one-page design to highlight the chiropractors within the practice as well as to expand on the services provided.
Custom website for Healthy Alchemy, a spiritual wellness center.
This website for a spirituality and wellness center on Long Island has recently undergone a redesign. I had created a custom-designed website. The original jewel-toned color scheme was kept but more white space was incorporated to keep the design clean and modern. Full-width images of the slider provide visual interest and guide the visitor through the site. ShareThis buttons are included to encourage visitors to share the workshops and other content on social media.
Custom website for Pilates studio.
A Pilates instruction studio based in Norfolk, VA, was looking for a custom-designed website to highlight its Pilates teacher certification program and a continuing education workshop. It was thought that these offerings were difficult to find within the larger site for TRDance (Todd Rosenlieb Dance) and required their own website. Using the existing color scheme, for TRDance this site was designed to put focus on the Pilates studio, its programs, and instructors. Certain design elements maintained a consistent look between this site and TRDance.org, while ensuring its own unique layout and overall design. Registration forms allow for online registration and payment for classes.
Website redesign for dust collection systems and metal fabrication specialists.
After many years with the same website, Aberdeen Blower needed a redesign to reflect their commitment to remain Long Island's premier dust collection company. An updated logo, new colors and a clean simple design helped modernize the site. The project galleries were updated with their most recent projects. On-page SEO elements were also incorporated.
Illustrations created for Butter Beans.
A series of hand drawn food illustrations created for Butter Beans, a NYC-based business that provides lunch programs for schools and wellness education programs in and outside of the classroom. Both the black and white drawings and the color images are used to create food labels, menus, table-top displays, for use on their website and promotional materials. All the food images were created using Illustrator.

What’s On My Mind?

After working with clients for many years, I have noticed there are some graphic design topics that come up often in discussions. I’ve decided to tackle some of these subjects in my design blog. How to incorporate social media, what is branding, understanding SEO and preparing for the design process are some of the topics I’ve addressed.

Recently, I’ve posted about those free website offers to see if they’re too good to be true and how to know if your website is performing well. If you have any suggestions for posts or questions, please let me hear from you in the comments!