Freelance Design Professional, Laura Peragallo

freelance designerI am a freelance designer who is very passionate about design. This means I take too long ordering food at restaurants because I get distracted by the fonts on the menu. I know if I’m going to like a movie by just looking at the opening credits. I have been known to get into an argument over when it’s appropriate to use Comic Sans (by the way, the answer is never!). I pay attention to white space. I will admit to dreaming in HTML.

I look at the world through the eyes of a visual artist. I will take my font choices quite seriously. I evaluate successful design pixel by pixel. Obsessive? Maybe. But does your business deserve anything less?

What can a freelance designer do for you

With more than twenty-five years in the field graphic design, I am committed to providing quality custom design services for clients that are looking for modern, professional, materials with strong visual impact. I work one-on-one, learning about you and the goals of your business. This friendly, close-working relationship allows me to develop a strong strategy for your business with a cohesive design identity. You will find that you are able to share ideas and impart your own creativity easily during the design process.

What are my skills and strengths

I hold a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts. My skills include extensive experience with design programs such as DreamWeaver, FireWorks, Flash, InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator. I’m a diligent researcher and I am determined to improve upon my skills and knowledge. I sincerely believe that the quest for knowledge doesn’t end. Therefore, I am always willing to learn, incorporate new technology, and expand my skills to ensure that clients receive my very best. I fully appreciate what impact this has on the designs I create.

Why I am confident I can help you

I have designed, developed and implemented custom websites for many happy clients. I have created print collateral such as annual reports, brochures, newsletters, invitations and direct-mail materials.

I’ve seen the trends come and go, so I know classic, clean design never goes out of style or looks dated. I’ve embraced new technology and stayed current with my skills. My non-profit background, which included working for organizations such as The Museums at Stony Brook, Polytechnic University, and the Copper Development Association (CDA), helps me provide cost-effective solutions. Let my background and experience serve your business.