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Ascending With Grace

Ascending With Grace

Showcasing a blog

This website was built not only to promote Jillian Grace and her services but also to feature her writings. In her blog are writings received from channeling a higher state of consciousness. My approach to the site was to keep the design minimal using images sparingly and a simple color scheme. This was to enable the focus to remain on Jillian’s writings. Once I came across the image of the orchids, I know I found an image I could build a site around. When I was looking for stock images I came across the main image which reinforced not only the colors I wanted for the site but the feeling I wanted. The logo was done in a handwritten style which conveys a mood that’s spontaneous and very personal… much like channeling itself.

On the technical side, a plugin was implemented within WordPress to feature the latest blog posts. A PayPal button was also integrated to enable payment.

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