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Girlfriend’s Skin

Girlfriend’s Skin

Logo, website and print design that glows!

When I met with Jeanine I was impressed with the cottage-like atmosphere of the room she treated clients. It had a lovely water view. She told me about the swans and Irises that grow by the water’s edge. In these elements I found the inspiration for her logo design and color palette. What could be more soothing than the purples of Irises as a background for her website. A swan is a natural symbol of grace and beauty. I created a swan image in Illustrator and choose a feminine script to compliment the design.

The colors were carried through the design of the website. Stock images were used to provide more visual interest. The layout is minimal, feminine and modern.

A postcard was designed incorporating an Iris flower image, color palette and new logo. Social media images were also created to promote services.

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