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SicChic Fight Wear

There are many “web designers” out there, but only few possess the knowledge and expertise of this seasoned designer. I know this, and have trusted her mastery and proficiency on my very own site. Being a design professional myself for over two decades, I am extremely picky and my expectations and standards are of the highest level. Laura produced an amazing site and went above and beyond my expectations. Clever, imaginative, original and innovative.

Wendy L. Jarva

CEO, SicChic FightWear, LLC

SicChic Fight Wear

E-commerce site development

This e-commerce site was created for a business that produces a line of MMA fight wear for women, men and kids. The client was looking for an edgy, bold design that would appeal to the target audience of women that practice martial arts style training and fighting. The design could not be overly feminine to encourage men from going to the site. Built-in SEO elements have helped the site rank on the first page of Google six months after its initial launch. AddThis buttons have been included to encourage social sharing.

The site also highlights the client’s dedication to charity and giving back. Special items are created to promote and benefits different causes.

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