Website and Promotional Brochures Design
Soul Healing Hypnosis

Soul Healing Hypnosis

The journey of a new website and brochures

Color is very important in graphic design. When used effectively, color sets a tone and works in the background not overwhelming the content. Many times a website’s color scheme is built around an existing logo. In this case, the logo served as inspiration for the colors and images used throughout the site. I used subtle gradients and shapes as design elements. The round images used for services echos the logo design. Images of dandelions are used to reinforce the logo. All elements are thoughtfully created and serve a purpose of strengthening branding.

Working with many clients in similar practices, the same colors resonate with many of the them. I ensure that each client has their own unique color scheme and imagery. Branding is vital and your promotional materials should have a consistent look. This was achieved by using the same colors and images found on the website as in the brochures.

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