Website Redesign

The Berman Group for Nutrition and Wellness

The Berman Group for Nutrition and Wellness

Website and Logo Design Transformation

At our initial meeting, the client informed me that she was looking to change the focus of her practice. Not only was she looking for a new website design but also wanted to change her logo. The concept of transformation came up several times. She wanted to communicate clearly the services she provides to guide and support clients to transform their lives. Her practice was transforming, her website and logo had to transform as well.

For the logo, I choose a butterfly which communicates the idea of transformation. The client wanted a serene blue color scheme which I incorporated in the logo and later the website design. I used a hand-written styled font that complimented the design of the butterfly.

As I reviewed the former site, I noticed the design was a little dated. All the content seemed to be in its own container which made the site feel crowded. Adding more white space, reorganizing the pages and updating the images would make the site modern and fresh. One concerning issue was that the former site wasn’t responsive. The website redesign had to look good and function well on phones and tablets.

Another major component of the redesign was the implementation of an online scheduling program where clients could book sessions directly. Appointments types, availability, client intake forms, payment and confirmations are now all automated and handled by the website.

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