Design Process

Design Process Basics

Depending on the project’s complexity timelines can vary. Below is an overall guide to the steps involved in the design process for different types of projects.

the design process for website, print and logo designThe website design process

During our initial conversation, I’ll ask if you already have a site. If so, we go to Phase 1. If not, the first steps to getting your business online is registering your domain name and securing hosting. And yes, I can help you with that!

Phase 1

I will present you with a website review of your current site with my recommendations. This will help lay out and clarify the scope of work to be performed. Once a design service agreement is signed and returned, I will begin to create initial design layout. This initial layout or “demo” is non-functional and the purpose is to show the overall design and feel of the website. This is the time to provide any text, images, keywords, descriptions, and all relevant material for the site. This is also the best time to make layout changes as it becomes more complicated into the next phases and more costly.

Phase 2

In this phase, the layout that you have approved will be developed into the functional website. All the content should be in place by now. The goal at this stage of the process, is for the site to have the look and feel you want. You will be kept up-to-date on the progress as you will be approving the work as it happens. The site starts to have functionality and testing will be done on various browsers to ensure compatibility.

Phase 3

During this phase it is important to be certain every page is in place, that the content has been completed and edited to perfection, and that most of the bugs have been worked out—and there will be bugs! Pre-live testing will be completed to check functionality.

Upon final client approval, the site will be launched or made “live.” The URL will also be submitted to search engines.

Then that’s it. Your business is officially online with an amazing website!

How long does it take to develop a site?

While there are many factors to consider when determining how long a website will take such as complexity and features, a safe estimate is between 6 to 10 weeks.

The print design process

Phase 1

Much like what happens with a website, there is an initial discussion to find out what your needs are. If you’re revamping your current promotional material, there’s a thorough review of what has been done in the past and how successful those materials were. If you’re creating them for the first time, we establish a consistent design style that communicates your branding throughout your materials.

Phase 2

Drafts of the materials will be created and submitted for your review. Revisions will be made at this time based on feedback.

Phase 3

Once final approval is received, appropriate files will be provided to you or will be submitted to your chosen vendor for printing.

The logo design process

The design process consists of creating a concept and prototype based on an initial consultation, then sending to you for review. After receiving your feedback, revisions and final touches will be added. As soon as final approval is given, you will be supplied with various files and formats of the logo for your use.

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