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about lpdesignhelp

Freelance Design Professional, Laura Peragallo

I spend a lot of time comparing fonts. I will move a line pixel by pixel until it’s in the perfect position. I know CMYK from RGB. All this makes me a great graphic designer. Does your business deserve anything less?

about laura peragallo

I am a freelance designer who is very passionate about design.

This means I take too long ordering food at restaurants because I get distracted by the fonts on the menu. I know if I’m going to like a movie by just looking at the opening credits. I have been known to get into an argument over when it’s appropriate to use Comic Sans (by the way, the answer is never!). I pay attention to white space.

I understand what goes into a successful design. For websites that includes everything from selecting the right keywords, to the look and feel of your site, to engaging a visitor so that they will get in contact or make an appointment and making sure your site has the elements to be found by search engines.

Happy clients allow me to do what I love, and I never forget that. Let my background and experience serve your business.

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What can a freelance designer do for you?

With more than twenty-five years in the field graphic design, I am committed to providing quality custom design services for clients that are looking for modern, professional, materials with strong visual impact. I work one-on-one, learning about you and the goals of your business. This friendly, close-working relationship allows me to develop a strong strategy for your business with a cohesive design identity. You will find that you are able to share ideas and impart your own creativity easily during the design process.

What are my skills and strengths?

I hold a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts. My skills include extensive experience with design programs such as InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, FireWorks, and Flash. I’ve also worked with various Content Management Systems (CMS) to design and develop websites.

I’m a diligent researcher and I am determined to improve upon my skills and knowledge. I sincerely believe that the quest for knowledge doesn’t end. Therefore, I am always willing to learn, incorporate new technology, and expand my skills to ensure that clients receive my very best. I fully appreciate what impact this has on the designs I create.


Why I am confident I can help you

I have designed, developed and implemented custom websites for many happy clients. I have created print collateral such as annual reports, brochures, newsletters, invitations and direct-mail materials.

I’ve seen the trends come and go, so I know classic, clean design never goes out of style or looks dated. I’ve embraced new technology and stayed current with my skills. My non-profit background, which included working for organizations such as The Museums at Stony Brook, Polytechnic University, and the Copper Development Association (CDA), helps me provide cost-effective solutions.