Design Portfolio for lpdesignhelp
I look at the world through the eyes of a visual artist. As a result I take my font choices quite seriously. I evaluate successful design pixel by pixel. Moreover I will admit to dreaming in HTML.

Obsessive? Maybe.
But does your business deserve anything less?

Recent Design Projects

tri-reiki with sharon
lisa mintz artist
divinity grounded website
psychic medium website design
nutrient fit nutritional counselor
Sommelier, Speaker, Author & Educator website

Design portfolio for lpdesignhelp

Case studies of graphic and website design are featured in my design portfolio. Social media images and custom illustrations are included as well.

My goal is to tell your business’s story in the way your audience needs to see it. Consequently, I’ve been able to attract more customers and improve their website ranking. All the while creating a design that is unique and that they truly love.

In addition, I have experience with e-commerce websites and worked across a variety of CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms.

Solving problems through good design

Successful design addresses challenges that a business faces. It helps create a consistent look and familiarize your brand. A company’s identity and reputation should be clearly communicated on your website and printed materials. Social media images should be unified.

A fresh design is inviting. As a result, looking modern and professional lets customers know that you are evolving with the times.

Above all, the success of every design is measured by reaching new audiences, creating a unified brand or fulfilling a need.

The projects in my design portfolio have been created for a wide range of NY businesses. I’ve worked extensively with the spiritual-wellness community on Long Island. I have also created websites for artists, a bee keeper, woodworkers and a preschool.

Your customers’ experience matters

You have seconds to make a good first impression. Therefore your materials have to communicate their purpose quickly. They need to be eye-catching. Therefore, you need a professional.

People want to be able to access the information when and where they need it. Accordingly, if a website can’t provide it to them, they’ll look somewhere else.

Your website has to work across all devices. Consequently, if your website isn’t responsive there’s a chance that you’ll miss out on valuable leads and customers. For this reason your site cannot just be mobile-friendly.

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