I’ve been approached by many clients that believe they aren’t tech-savvy enough to maintain a website. They are interested in having a site. They know that they should have an online presence but aren’t sure how to accomplish this. So how familiar or comfortable do you have to be with technology to have a website? In this article, I’ll share my view.

How Tech-Savvy Do You Have To Be

Did you know the amount of mobile devices has surpassed the number of people on the planet? It’s true! It’s been projected that in another three years there will be close to 12 billion mobile devices. That means most of are walking around with a super computer that fits in our hands. Yet many of us still feel that we get overwhelmed with technology.

How much you need to know depends on how involved you would like to be with your website. If you’re looking to be able to make updates to the site yourself, you need a site that has a Content Management System (CMS). Most work like word processing programs making it easy update content once the layout is in place.

You don’t have to know all the available platforms or programming languages to get your business online. It is important to understand what your customers want and expect when they visit your site.

Being tech-savvy means that you use technology to be more productive and efficient. It involves knowing how to use your resources well. One of those resources should be a web design professional.

You may be surprised by much do you really need to know before starting a website project. Working with a designer is one way of overcoming any concerns you may have that you aren’t tech-savvy enough to understand how to get your business online. Not all designers are well-versed in the complexities of website development. It’s a balance between looking good and having functionality. A successful website needs to be maintained and adapt to changes easily. A professional web designer can give you that level of expertise.