You have a website, but how much do you really know about it? Do you know if you’re getting 10 visitors a day? Are you getting 100 visitors a day? Or 100 a month. If you don’t know how much traffic your website gets or how visitors find you, how can you determine if your site is successful? The answer is simply that you can’t.

How to find out if a site is successful

This underscores the importance of stats or analytics. Analytics gives you vital insight to the visitors coming to your site. By using the information provided by analytics you will be able to target the customers you want. Analytics will provide information about every visitor, how they found you, the length of time they spent on the site, what parts of the site they visited, the browser and even the type of device they used. With the information provided by your website’s stats, you can find the ways to most effectively market yourself online.

How a visitor finds your site is an important piece of insight. Did they find you by typing in your URL or did they use keywords? Are potential visitors using the keywords you’ve included within your site, or are there ones you haven’t considered before? You can see what keywords help customers find you. This allows to to refine your keywords to help improve your ranking.

You will not only be able to view the trends in traffic to your site, you can know which link exchanges have produced results and which search engines have provided you with the most traffic.

Website stats can give you valuable insight on what is working to drive traffic to you site. Did you participate in an event? Was your business featured or mentioned in an article or an industry-related publication? Did that campaign on Facebook pay off? With analytics you can see if there was an increase if traffic to your site during a certain period. This information can aid you in determining the effectiveness of any marketing or events you have participated in.

I recommend checking your site’s reports on a monthly basis. After an event or campaign is also a good idea. Reviewing the stats will allow you to see if your website is growing. If you find it to be a time-consuming process, there are services that provide SEO monitoring with monthly reports.

Knowing the stats for your website and what they can tell you about your visitors will help you know if you have a successful website that is working hard for you.