One of the most important pages of your website should be your testimonials page. It can showcase your past successes and happy clients. It establishes confidence in new customers. Testimonials are one of the best tools to enhance your reputation. Reading testimonials build trust, you should have them on your site.

Don’t feel uncomfortable asking for them. Testimonials don’t always happen naturally. Satisfied customers and clients don’t always provide a review without being prompted. While this can happen, most clients need a little encouragement. When provide customers give honest feedback, the testimonial will be convincing.

how to ask for testimonials How to ask for a testimonial

I find that sending an email to a client that I’m asking them for a small favor works best. I let them know that it can be as short or as long as they want it to be. Let them know that you want to use it on your website and/or marketing materials. Ask if they want their full name and title to appear. Sometimes using a photo of your client helps personalize the testimonial. It also adds to the credibility of the review.

You can approach the email formally or more casually. It depends on your industry and the types of clients you work with. Look here for testimonial email request templates that are effective.

For added incentive, you can make a special offer to people that leave positive reviews for you on social media platforms. Offer a discount or provide a free gift.

Make it easier on your clients

If you feel as that you are imposing on your customer, provide them with a few sample questions in your testimonial request email to help them put it together. Often customers find it helpful to have some guidance.

A few sample questions are:

  • Why did you decide to work with [you/your company] for this project?
  • Did you have any reservations about using [you/your company]?
  • Describe the problem you were experiencing before you approached [you/your company]?
  • Did you see the results that you received from working with [you/your company]?
  • What would you say to someone if you were to refer [you/your company]?

One of the best times to ask it right after the completion of the project. Customers are satisfied and probably in a good mood. Details are fresh in their minds. If you don’t want to make a request through an email, you can also consider sending them a survey.

Be sure to express gratitude for the testimonial and the permission to use it. Ask if you could provide one in return if applicable.

Testimonials build trust

Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials. A study has shown that other than direct word of mouth, reviews are the most trusted way of learning about a product, service or company. Customers want to know what to expect from your product or service before they make a commitment. It makes sense that testimonials build trust in your potential customers.