As a business owner you know that having active and engaged customers on your social media is important to your business. You have spent time creating interesting content for your audience and curating great images. But are you making the most of it by posting when you should? Knowing peak times for sharing or clicking for different media channels increases the effectiveness of your posts. I’ll break down the best times to post below.

For Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn most sharing of content happens in the morning, when people get to work. Clicking through content (which differs from sharing) happens during the afternoon hours. Pinterest users are most active during the evening hours. That’s when users both share and click content as they wind down after work.

Tip: To increase clicks on your company’s social media, post your content in the afternoons.

The best times to post

The graphic below from breaks it down by social media channel, day of the week and time of day:
Think of your own habits when it you’re active on your own personal social media. What content do you share? Think about what was behind your decision to share that post in the first place. Understanding what keeps you engaged will help you see your business from your customer’s point of view. This is essential to having active customers on your social media accounts that want to hear from you.

Having many followers doesn’t result in increased customers if you’re not reaching them at the best time to post. Having a social media plan that takes in account this consideration will make a difference.

Make the most of your social media presence by maximizing the reach of your posts by being aware of your audience’s habits will enable you to know best time to post every day.