Blogging can be beneficial to your site. I have many clients that approach me wanting a website that has a blog. I encourage them. One of the reasons I changed the format of my website was to accommodate a blog. Blogging is important to your website. They can drive more traffic to your site, but you have to be sure your maximizing your blog’s potential. Blogs, if done correctly, can be great for SEO.

blogging is important

Hey buddy, you’re not fooling anyone! Start blogging for real.

One of the pitfalls of a blog, is keeping up with it. I’m sure you’ve come across blogs that might have many posts at the start and then they become less frequent. Sometimes, it’s been a year or more since the last post. There was so much enthusiasm at the beginning. What could have happened? Though there can be many reasons someone stops blogging frequently, in my opinion most people underestimate the amount of time needed to maintain it.

Often, clients don’t realize that making updates to their website is necessary. It can be a time-consuming process. Those website updates increase your SEO.  Blogging is like that, too. It’s an investment, an important one for your business. By enabling you connect to your customers, blogging is important to your website’s success. Find the time.

When was the last time I wrote for my blog?

During a typical day, it can sometimes feels as if you aren’t getting much done. Today, I started working with a new accounting program. Actually, I never really had an old program. Going to art school we didn’t have many accounting classes. After doing some research for a client that was looking for an accounting/inventory program I came across an online program that I thought I would try. I spent several hours struggling through it. Eventually, I began to think about how much time I was spending and how much more needed doing. Then I remembered my blog.

When was the last time I had written a new post? It had been awhile. What had happened to my intention of blocking out two hours a week to writing blog posts? I guess I need to revisit that.

Getting back to work

In the end, I wrote a blog post about how I’ve been lax about writing blog posts. It’s a bit of encouragement for myself. My version of a pep talk. So to anyone that might have seen me walking back from the supermarket talking to myself, it was about needing to write. Being determined to find time to write today. Blogging is important to your website. Here’s a helpful article about finding time to blog. It’s good advice for us all. 🙂