A new website is not an overnight project. On the contrary, I usually give clients a timeline of four to six weeks for the design and development of a website. Even a redesign can take a few weeks. While your website is being built, you still need a way to spark potential client’s interests. The best way to do that is to have something for them to interact with when they go to your URL. Make the most of your website presence by following these coming soon page basics.

What is a coming soon page

Coming Soon page basics.

Example of a coming soon page created for darnelleparker.com while the site was being built.

A coming soon page is a preview of things to come. Therefore, using your branding, colors, typefaces and imagery that will be part of the finished design. Consistency is important. Establish your branding from the very start. Your coming soon page needs to look like it is part of the design, especially since it’s an introduction to your website.

All that is necessary is a simple and direct one-page website design. Multiple pages aren’t needed. The rest of the content and design will be realized once the full site is launched. A brief description of what you are about can also help generate interest.

Why it helps your website

Getting found
There are several reasons to have a coming soon page. The first reason is that it can help your site get indexed by search engines like Google. And we all know how important that is. It can take several months for search engines to discover a new website. By including keywords and a page description on your coming soon page, you can establish your website ranking. Eventually, this will help new customers find you online.

Google Webmaster Matt Cutts answers the question: will a “coming soon” page negatively impact my site?

Build up your social media
It is very likely that you already have a social media presence even if you don’t have a website. By linking to your social media from your website you can begin to increase your followers.

Coming Soon Page Basics

Coming soon page for bermangroupwellness.com introduced the new branding and website redesign.

Collecting emails
A coming soon page should only contain one call to action, a signup form. In return for their email, offer visitors a special access or discount code.

Keep in mind, a coming soon page should not become a permanent landing page. The page should be in place in the range of 30 to 60 days. Visitors have little reason to return again and again to a coming soon page. The goal is to have the full website launched by the time a visitor might return.

In conclusion, when there’s nothing at your domain name or your site under construction, there’s no way for you to capitalize on the people who may be interested in your services. If you have a new website, don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with potential customers. Website redesigns may not need them as much, unless the focus of your business is changing and you’re reintroducing your services. Websites undergoing revisions can be worked on without needing to interrupt access to your entire website.