Once you start researching possible templates (or as they are usually called WordPress themes) you might be overwhelmed with the amount of choices available. Finding the right WordPress theme to use for your site is an important decision. There are ways to help narrow down the seemingly unlimited choices out there.

Knowing what elements are necessary to have in your site will allow you to narrow down your search to options that provide these features. What a preschool needs is different from what a construction company needs. If you want to profile members or staff, having that element already built-in is an important consideration.

Also think about what features your visitors will be expecting. If you’re a photographer, they will want to see your portfolio for example.

You might try to narrow your search by finding what the most popular themes are. Do this by category, such as construction for example. Or do a general search to find what free or premium themes are available.

What to look for in your WordPress theme

Another way to narrow down your search is to be sure to choose from only responsive themes. A responsive site will look good and maintain its functionality across all types of devices. Having a responsive design is essential as Google requires mobile responsiveness to keep your search engine rankings high. Your audience is likely to use a tablet or smartphone to view your site.

To be sure that the theme is responsive be sure to view he demo on your phone and/or tablet. In addition, Google has a mobile friendly test page to check the demo as well.

Make sure that there is flexibility within the theme to change the colors, fonts and background options. This will enable the site to be customized to reflect your branding and be consistent with your established look. Not having the ability to change the visual elements will be limiting.

Thinking about the features your company needs and what your visitors expect to see, choosing a responsive theme that gives you lots of control when it comes to customization will help you decide what is the best theme for your business.