Should You Put Your Fees and Prices on Your SiteThis is a common question I get from clients: should I put my prices on my website. It’s a personal decision and I tell my clients that they should do what makes them comfortable. I try to assure them that being clear with your fees is a positive thing. In my opinion, it is better to be upfront about your fees and pricing. I’ll outline some reasons for why you should put your fees and prices on your site.

Build trust

Being upfront about your fees establishes trust between you and your potential client. They know what to expect, how to budget and are sure of what they are getting for a set amount. You have the benefit of knowing they are willing to pay your fee for your service. It’s a great way to start a relationship!

Potential customers may think that if they don’t see the price, they probably can’t afford it. It’s like a very high-end store that doesn’t bother with price tags. You get the feeling that everything has to be way out of your price range. Don’t discourage potential clients because they feel they can’t afford to work with you.

Provide a price range

I understand that if you are providing services, sometimes your fees may vary. You might tailor your services very specifically and provide potential clients with a customize quote. Other factors may influence your rate like if traveling is a consideration. I would suggest then using the phrase “Fees start at $$.” This way, potential customers have a baseline to start from. A price range can be very helpful to most visitors.

Saves time

Let’s face it, some people will find your prices too high. No matter how good your services may be they might not be willing or be able to pay what you’re asking. If this is the case, having your fees on your site will let them know right away if their budget is adequate to work with you.

Furthermore, it can also provide incentive for someone to save or expand their budget to allow them to work with you. Don’t underestimate the “price shopping” factor. Comparing prices and information gathering is how most women shop. Keep this in mind if you are targeting to women.

Put your fees and prices on your site for the right reasons

listing your fees on your websiteWhether you choose to list your prices or not, make sure you are doing what you feel is best for your customer. If you’re not including your fees, I suggest explaining why to your potential customer. That way they understand your personalized approach and the importance of discussing the process before any work begins.

If you choose not to disclose your fees, don’t do it because you feel hesitant to do so. I think it’s common for many service providers to feel unsure that they are worth what they are asking for. If your pricing is public information, you are more likely to hold to that price point. As a side note, if you are finding it difficult to figure out appropriate service fees this article may prove helpful in figuring out what to charge.

Still unsure? List your prices for a set period of time and see what happens. An increase of inquiries may underscore the importance of including your fees. Conversely, take down your prices and compare. Luckily, websites are very fluid. If something isn’t working, you can change it.