Although you might not sell products on your website one way to help you plan the content of your site is to realize your homepage is your storefront. What do you do to show off your services or product? Place your best stuff in the windows. That’s your homepage. Here is where you use strong content to orient your visitor. Since you only have seconds to grab their attention and spark interest, keep it simple.

How your homepage is your storefront

When you go into a store, you tend to have a more positive experience when you are greeted by an employee. Those employees are there to guide you and help you during your time there. They influence your first impression.  Your homepage operates like those employees. Your content should speak directly to the visitor. People will return when they feel like they know they have found a reliable business and understand why you do what you do.

Your homepage allows you to connect with your customers on a real level. The website is digital extension of your business. Don’t treat the homepage like a online brochure or advertisement.

Be clear

Visitors to sites don’t read much. They jump from link to link, skimming text and images. They’re searching for the content they want.

Letting your visitors know what you want them to explore and learn more about should be your main goal. Your complex and vital content must be made simple. When someone lands on your homepage, they should know immediately how to find what they are looking for. Design elements can strengthen your message. An engaged visitor is one that will stay on your site.

When your potential customers find what they want, it will not only turn them  into customers, they will also appreciate the quality of your product.  A positive experience will encourage them to share your services with the people they know.

Web design may be complex, but your visitors don’t need to now that.

Seeing that your homepage is your storefront, you understand how important it is to have the right content on that page. Simplicity requires clarity of message and elegance in the overall design.