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Heather Kick, Wedding Celebrant

Heather Kick, wedding celebrant
website design Heather Kick, wedding celebrant

Heather Kick, Wedding Celebrant

A happy union of a logo and website

Starting any new endeavor can be a time-consuming process. When Heather reached out to me, it was clear that I could help her with branding and more importantly her website. The first step was to design a logo. Since her audience is made up of couples looking to get married, I wanted to create something formal, evoking the feel of a wedding invitation. Using her initials as the background, Heather’s name and title was placed on top. This gave the wedding feel and the hand-written font kept it approachable. As heather is also a flower, I used a soft purple in the logo. 

Since, heather flowers are used in wedding bouquets, they made the perfect image to use on the website as well. Script fonts maintain the wedding invitation feel. The use of white space keeps the site looking modern. Sites has to be aesthetically pleasing to visitor otherwise it can run the risk of being passed over. The viewer needs to be engaged. Currently, the website is a one-page site with room to expand.

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