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Joyful Read Co.

Bringing joy through her books

I was asked by the author to help redesign her website. She had great content that needed to be organized to help with the flow of the site. The opportunity to work on a site for children’s books was exciting to me. It was a chance to play with bright colors and cute images! The goal of the site was to entice parents to purchase books. The new colors provided a cheerful backdrop. The new organization help to site be easy to navigate. .

For the main focus of the page, I suggested using an image of children reading (or being read to) instead of an image of a young woman reading. Right away visitors to the site would know that these books are for children. Increasing the size of the tagline, “A joyful experience from my heart to yours,” brought more attention to it and made it easier to read. Adding “Buy Now” buttons made it very clear and simple how to make purchases.

I really enjoyed the story of how the author decided to name her business. Instead of it being on its own page, we included it on her homepage as part of a welcome/introduction section. The site brings joy to not only the author but to all who visit it.

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