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The Art of Lisa Mintz

Lisa Mintz

Finding beauty all around

Lisa Mintz is a talented Long Island-based artist who works in many mediums including pottery, painting and photography. The main focus of the website was to create several galleries of her photography to promote as exhibitions. The main galleries were setup with a lightbox effect, the images of the photos enlarge to full screen size when they are selected allowing viewers to view a slideshow of the the full exhibit. The gallery page layout enables a full view of all the photos in each exhibition. A book of her poetry was recently published and a selection of poems from this collection are included on the website. Her experience as a teacher has led her to create various art and photography programs for adults and children which are also featured on her website with photos of workshop particpants.

A blog was incorporated within her site to showcase photos from her Tiferet exhibit. Tiferet, derived from the Hebrew word pe’er, meaning “beauty,” exhibit is an expansive collection of photos of Israel. In the blog, the beauty of the people, the land, the flora  and the art of the land of Israel are explored further.

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