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Charmaine Cheryle

Honoring one’s lineage

Charmaine Cheryle website design project for a Babaylan Practitioner, Trance Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Teacher in Brooklyn NY. For those who are curious, a “Babaylan” (bäbīˈlän) is a spiritual healer and leader from the Philippines Indigenous communities. They act as the mediator between the spiritual and material worlds. She was looking to reach a wider audience and promote her monthly classes. Charmaine already had a logo which inspired the design of her website.

Details matter in design. It’s always impressive how elements like font choices, text spacing, white space color and image placement can make all the difference. I found an image that used all the colors of the logo in an abstract design. I knew I had found the right image to showcase the logo. The colors of the logo are used throughout the site. I used images of native Philippine flowers and trees to communicate Charmaine’s connection.

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