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Essence of Yoga Studio

Essence of Yoga Studio

Back online with a redesign

When a yoga studio on Long Island needed to get back online quickly after getting hacked, a simple homepage was created to get their yoga schedule and events accessible to current and new students. Fortunately, these aspects of the website were handled by a third-pary site that wasn’t affected, Once their web presence was re-established and secured the rest of the website was built out. The redesign included an updated color scheme with warm colors to compliment the studio’s logo along with new photos of the studio space and teachers. Links to classes, events and the studio’s teachers are easily seen and accessed through three main square images that feature photos of the studio and its teachers. A design element featuring copper leaf design added visual impact to the site.

Time offline is money lost. Make sure your site is secure with SSL Certificate. Don’t think because you’re a “small” business you’re not a target for hackers—you are! An SSL Certificate will also improve your website ranking making it a worthwhile investment. If you have a WordPress website implement a security plugin to give you an extra layer of protection.

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