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Maria Deesy, Step Into Wellness

maria deesy website design
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maria deesy website design

Maria Deesy

Revitalize brand and expand

Sometimes a client needs a different level of expertise and/or skills to take their project forward. When Maria contacted me she had recently moved her website a new service. She wanted the ability to enable clients to purchase sessions, gift certificates, or register for workshops online through her site. She had purchased an app to handle online bookings but she was finding it difficult to implement. When she tried to remove the booking app she was informed that it wasn’t possible to simply remove that part of her plan due to a “technical limitation.” She found herself stuck with a functionality she couldn’t use and couldn’t get rid of.

I knew I could give Maria the functionality she needed and a great looking site as well. After some discussion it was decided that she would leave her current hosting and website provider. I would host her site and create a new design on a WordPress platform. The result was that Maria had the functionality she needed along with a new logo and website she loved. Her revitalized branding unified her website and business cards.

As her services and needs change, Maria needs a site that will change with her. The site has e-commerce capabilities, enabling visitors to purchase sessions online. A secure website enables transactions to take place on the site without needing to be taken to a third-party. A plugin was implemented for a calendar of events that takes online registrations. As her services expand to include webinars and online learning, her website will be able to accommodate those needs.

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