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Voces Latinas

voces latinas window banner design
voces latinas windoe banner design
voces latinas banner design

Voces Latinas

Being a voice for the community

This window banner is probably the largest (size-wise) project I have undertaken in my many years of designing—spanning 27 individual windows of the Voces Latinas offices located in Jackson Heights, Queens. Designing for a window display has its own considerations that vary from a website design. However, being able to communicate quickly and be eye-catching is vital is any design. Whether that’s on a screen or the side of a building.

This banner would be competing with another large window banner located beneath it on the same side of the building. The design had to stand out clearly from the one below. Taking inspiration from the logo and other artwork created specifically for Voces Latinas, a bright orange color fills the background. Employees of the non-profit are featured along with their message. The placement of text, artwork and the people had to be carefully thought out to ensure that the window panes didn’t interfere with the design. Accommodations had to be made within the design for the varying window sizes. Once complete, the windows bring Voces Latinas’ mission to the community they serve,