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My Nutrition Inc.

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my nutrition tri-fold brochure
my nutrition inc brochure

My Nutrition Inc.

Promoting a new brand

Making a shift in the focus of your business can bring many challenges. Creating a new brand while maintaining your current client base and expanding to a new audience takes a careful balancing act and a proper plan. Simply put, the design must work. Sitting down with a designer can help you get a strong handle on your vision for your business and point you in the right direction. I had worked with this client before; she was ready to move forward with a new name and a new focus.

I started with a new logo design. I didn’t stray to far from the colors used on the original logo I had created for her. My thinking was that this would help with the transition to the new brand. The client was interested in having a logo mark that would symbolize the union of mind, body and spirit. I came up with a triangle composed of three colors that flowed into one another but still were separate. The font choice was a mix of script and a sans-serif.

Once the logo was approved, promotional materials were created to announce the new brand. Many of the images used in the brochure came from the website which was also worked on at the same time. White space helped bring the focus to the concept of nourshing the mond, body and spirit. Other materials like a business card and gift certificate  were also designed.